Temporary Smiles While Waiting for Dental Implants in Brooklyn, NY

You’ve just made the life-changing decision to get dental implants in Brooklyn, NY. You’re already envisioning the day when you’ll have a permanent, perfect smile. But reality hits—did you know that between the initial implant placement and the attachment of the permanent crown, there’s a waiting period of several months? This period is essential for osseointegration, the process where the implant fuses with your jawbone. In the meantime, you still need to eat, speak, and smile. In this guide, North Brooklyn Dental Center shows  how our dentists temporarily replace missing teeth, ensuring you’re comfortable and confident until your jaw is ready.

Why Do You Need Temporary Replacement Teeth?

A temporary tooth offers more benefits than simply filling the visual gap in your smile. It provides comfort while eating and speaking and mimics your natural teeth as closely as possible. A replacement also helps keep your existing teeth in place, making sure they stay aligned. 

At the same time, don’t downplay the importance of aesthetics! Having a complete smile, even before the implant process is done, can improve your self-esteem. You’ll feel like your old self again, making social interactions more comfortable and helping you recover from the emotional impact of tooth loss. Plus, it’ll help you envision how you’ll look once your permanent teeth are finally in place, helping you stay excited for the future. 

Temporary Options for a Still-Stunning Smile

  • Dental Bridges: You might have only heard about a bridge as a solution to tooth loss in and of itself. However, we can install a temporary bridge. This sturdy option can then be removed and replaced with a crown attached to your implant post. 
  • Tooth Flippers: These removable partial dentures are lightweight, easily modified, and provide excellent cosmetic benefits. They stay in place by attaching to your neighboring teeth or to your jaw or palate.  
  • Dentures: If you lost a number of teeth, including a full arch on the top or bottom, we can create custom dentures for you in the interim. These false teeth can be adjusted to fit precisely while you wait for your tooth implants. 

Living with Temporary Teeth Before Implants

You should be able to carry on with your life while waiting for your dental implants. However, avoid sticky or hard foods, as these can dislodge or damage bridges and dentures. When drinking hot beverages, allow them to cool slightly as extreme temperatures can affect the fit of your temporary replacement.

Keeping your dental bridge, flipper, or denture clean is also crucial. At the same time, we know this might be entirely new to you. That’s why we walk you through the process, giving you instructions that are specific to your treatment and your lifestyle. That way, you keep your mouth healthy during osseointegration. 

We Guide You to Permanent Tooth Implants in Brooklyn, NY

The absence of a tooth doesn’t mean the absence of comfort or confidence. A temporary tooth can provide instant gratification, ensuring you can carry on with your daily life until your jaw is ready for the final implant steps. The day you walk out with your permanent new smile will make it all worth it. To start the process today, contact North Brooklyn Dental Center for an appointment with our restoration dentist.