Cosmetic Dentistry North Brooklyn: The Color of Your Teeth & Dental Health

Did you know that the color of your teeth can be an indicator of your dental health? In this straightforward quiz, our cosmetic dentistry team in North Brooklyn explains how the color of your teeth can be a telltale sign of underlying oral health issues that need to be addressed.

Brown or Gray

Discolored teeth, either brown or gray, can indicate severe dental problems like cavities or advanced gum disease. In some cases, certain medications–such as antibiotics, antihistamines, and anti-hypertension medication–can stain teeth. Sadly, people with discolored teeth may face self-esteem issues and be perceived as unhealthy.

If you notice that your teeth have turned brown or gray, it is crucial to seek advice from a general dentist to determine if there are any underlying dental problems. In such cases, professional teeth whitening treatments may not be effective, and more extensive dental procedures, such as dental crowns or veneers, may be necessary to improve the color of your teeth.


Yellow teeth are usually linked to inadequate oral hygiene and unhealthy habits, including smoking or consuming too much sugary food and drink. This tooth color can also indicate enamel erosion, which may cause tooth decay and other dental problems. People with yellow teeth may be viewed as less conventionally attractive and less healthy.

If you have yellow teeth, it is essential to identify and address the root causes, such as poor oral hygiene or unhealthy habits. Quitting smoking and reducing your intake of sugary foods and drinks can also help prevent further discoloration. Also, daily brushing and flossing, combined with routine professional teeth cleanings, can help remove surface stains and slightly improve the color of your teeth.


Off-white teeth are teeth that have a slightly darker shade than bright white teeth and may exhibit a yellow or gray tint. Several factors, such as genetics and aging, can cause teeth to become off-white. While off-white teeth aren’t necessarily unhealthy looking, they aren’t ideal.

If you are struggling with off-white teeth and wish to brighten your smile, professional teeth whitening treatments can be an effective solution to remove stubborn surface stains. Additionally, maintaining good oral hygiene and avoiding foods and drinks that can stain your teeth (like coffee or red wine) can also help improve the color of your teeth.


Bright and white teeth are often associated with good oral hygiene, a healthy diet, and youth, signifying attractiveness and trustworthiness during first impressions.

While not everyone is blessed with naturally white teeth, some people may have to put in extra effort to achieve this shade. If you wish to have a bright white smile, professional whitening treatments can provide you with a perfect smile and help you maintain it.

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