Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain Veneers in North Brooklyn, NYC

Welcome to North Brooklyn Dental Care, where we transform smiles into works of art with our exquisite porcelain veneers. Discover the magic behind porcelain veneers, why they’re an exceptional choice, and the seamless process we offer to enhance your smile.

What are Porcelain Veneers?

  • Stains and Discoloration: Veneers can cover stubborn stains that don’t respond well to traditional whitening methods.
  • Chips and Cracks: If you have minor dental imperfections, veneers provide a quick and effective solution to restore your teeth.

    Porcelain veneers are ultra-thin, custom-made shells that are meticulously crafted to cover the front surface of your teeth. This cosmetic dental solution is designed to improve the appearance of your smile by addressing various concerns, including:

  • Gaps and Alignment Issues: Veneers offer a visually stunning way to address gaps and minor misalignments, providing an instant orthodontic enhancement.


Why Choose Porcelain Veneers?

Choosing porcelain veneers means choosing a radiant, natural-looking smile. Here’s why our patients opt for this transformative cosmetic treatment:

  • Realistic Aesthetics: Crafted from high-quality porcelain, veneers mimic the translucency and shine of natural teeth.
  • Stain Resistance: Porcelain is resistant to stains, ensuring your smile stays vibrant and beautiful.
  • Minimally Invasive: The veneer application process is conservative, preserving much of your natural tooth structure.
  • Customization: Each veneer is tailor-made to suit your unique facial features and preferences, providing a personalized and harmonious result.

Our Porcelain Veneers Process

Curious about the process of getting porcelain veneers at North Brooklyn Dental Care? Rest assured, it’s a simple journey with transformative results. It all begins with a consultation, where we will discuss your goals and assess your oral health to determine if veneers are the right option for you.

Once we begin, a small amount of enamel is gently removed from the front surface to create space for the veneer. From there, precise impressions are taken to ensure the veneers fit seamlessly. These impressions are sent to a dental lab where they’ll craft unique porcelain shells to fit your teeth. Once they’re ready, typically in one to three weeks, you’ll return for a final fitting. The veneers are adjusted for fit and appearance before they’re tightly bonded into place.

Caring for Your Porcelain Veneers

Caring for your new porcelain veneers is a breeze. Once local anesthesia wears off, you can typically go right back to enjoying life as normal. Porcelain veneers can last between 10 to 20 years with proper care. Continue practicing good oral hygiene, avoiding excessive force on your teeth, and attending regular checkups at North Brooklyn Dental Care. Our team is here to guide you on the best practices for long-lasting veneer brilliance.

We Craft Unforgettable Smiles at North Brooklyn Dental Care

At North Brooklyn Dental Care, we don’t just create smiles; we craft masterpieces. Our team is passionate about delivering top-notch dental care with a friendly touch. Your journey to a more radiant, confident smile starts with us. Ready to unveil your new smile? Schedule a consultation today to embark on this exciting transformation together!