Our Technology

The dental experience is constantly evolving and improving thanks in part to emerging technologies that enhance the skills of our dental team. To provide our patients with the best treatment possible, North Brooklyn Dental Care features some of the most advanced dental equipment available. These state-of-the-art systems increase technical precision and patient comfort while providing better results than ever before. Our experienced cosmetic dentist utilizes these innovative devices in conjunction with years of training to help patients achieve complete oral health in a modern and relaxing environment.

To learn more about our dental technology, please follow the links below. You can also contact our practice with any questions or to schedule a consultation.

Same-Day Restorations

Our same-day restorations can reduce your wait time when undergoing a restorative or cosmetic procedure. Our advanced E4D Digital Dentistry System is a type of CAD-CAM software that can design and manufacture dental crowns, porcelain veneers, bridges, inlays, and onlays while you wait, making a follow-up visit unnecessary in many cases. The restorations are also highly durable and made to look like natural tooth structure, helping to restore your smile with greater convenience than ever before.


Straightening your teeth has never been easier than with Invisalign® clear aligners. Using a series of custom-made clear trays, these removable aligners can gradually shift your teeth into better alignment. More discreet and comfortable than traditional metal braces, Invisalign® can be used by teens and adults alike to achieve a more beautiful smile and better-functioning teeth.

Prep-Less Veneers

A more conservative way to enhance the smile than traditional porcelain dental veneers, prep-less veneers are a way to permanently address stains, discoloration, chips, gaps, and other cosmetic issues without the need for teeth filing. Our dentists will discuss whether this approach or another can provide optimal results based on your needs and goals.

3D X-Rays and Impressions

We’re excited to offer the most advanced imaging process in dentistry: ConeBeam CT scanning, or 3D imaging. This technology allows us to create virtually unlimited views of your teeth, face, and neck with just one scan. We’re able to obtain high-quality, detailed information to diagnose and plan your treatment needs. We can evaluate your teeth and facial structures from literally every angle, in 3D, and in color! Routine x-rays, on the other hand, produce a single flat image with limited information.

The ConeBeam CT imaging system is a digital x-ray scanner that rotates once around your head while you stand or simply sit in a chair. The process is quick, simple, and completely painless. The scans produced are as precise as conventional CT (CAT) scans, but use far less radiation. The applications in dentistry are limitless. We use these scans to provide the best treatment in dental implants, root canals, diagnosis of dental and facial pain, etc.

Regardless of your needs, 3D imaging makes it possible to plan and customize your care unlike never before. You can have absolute confidence and satisfaction in the treatment you receive, knowing we’ve analyzed every problem with 3D technology.

Anesthetic Buffering

Anesthetic buffering is an innovative method that reduces the time it takes to become numb and minimizes pain during injections of local anesthetic. If you are receiving a restoration or undergoing another procedure that requires you to be numbed, this technique can enhance your dental experience before, during, and after treatment.


Having a clear view of all your oral structures is essential to providing exceptional dental care. Isolite® is an innovative device that provides hands-free illumination and vacuum suction so our dentists can focus on giving you the best treatment possible. Furthermore, you can relax comfortably in the chair free of the oral pressure commonly associated with other types of isolating equipment.

Digital Smile Design

DSD, or Digital Smile Design, is an advanced system intended to elevate cosmetic and restorative procedures to greater precision, accuracy, and outcomes. DSD uses high-definition digital imaging technology to “map” a patient’s oral structures and develop a customized and extensively personalized treatment plan. The cosmetic program will be designed using a multitude of factors (facial proportions; relationships between gums and teeth, smile and facial features), and then the DSD platform will print a three-dimensional wearable model of the results. The patient can then try on and modify this model as needed until the desired appearance is achieved. The 3D model also helps the patient to visualize what’s possible and the dentist to communicate the process from start to finish. During your initial consultation, our dentist will be happy to go into greater detail about your DSD options.

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