Braces Do More Than Create a Pretty Smile

Some people think that braces are worn only for cosmetic reasons, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Going through orthodontic treatment can help prevent a bite problem that could cause a lifetime of dental issues and potential pain.

The ultimate goal of orthodontic treatment is to create a healthy bite to chew food efficiently and comfortably. Beautiful, straight teeth are just a nice side effect of treatment. Most people know that braces fix crooked front teeth and properly align your bite, but there are many side benefits of undergoing orthodontic treatment.

The Behind-the-Scenes Benefits of Braces

While it’s more difficult caring for your teeth when undergoing orthodontic treatment, it helps many people take better care of their teeth down the line. The strict brushing and flossing routine allows patients to get used to the maintenance required, and once the braces come off, that habit is more likely to stick. As a benefit, when your teeth are straight, it is easier to clean them because your toothbrush and floss can reach all surfaces better.

Because straight teeth are easier to keep clean, they are less likely to buildup calculus and tartar. Over time, this buildup can cause gum disease and may result in bone loss around the teeth, possibly even tooth loss in advanced stages of the disease. Teeth that are appropriately spaced help keep your entire mouth healthier.

Another benefit of orthodontic treatment is preventing chipped teeth and premature wear. If a bite is not aligned correctly, the teeth can make contact in odd places, causing chips and wearing the teeth down in unnatural places that sometimes require fillings or crowns to repair. Headaches and Jaw joint, or TMJ, pain are also frequent in people who have misaligned bites.

An untreated misaligned bite can also create speech problems. Words are formed by positioning the tongue against the teeth. If the jaw or teeth are out of alignment, it can be difficult for the tongue to make the right noise as it presses against the teeth.

A proper bite helps a person chew their food efficiently. Pain, difficulty chewing and swallowing, and malnutrition can all be issues if your bite is off. Your teeth are meant to move against one another, mashing food so that it is easier for the body to digest. If your teeth don’t line up properly, food may not be broken down enough, resulting in poor digestion.

One of the most positive side benefits of orthodontics is the boost in self-confidence! If your smile is crooked or you are in constant pain from a misaligned bite, you might not smile much and keep your mouth closed in photographs. A straight, functional smile is one of the most beautiful features a person can have. Reap all the benefits of modern orthodontics and give yourself something to smile about.

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